Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation

1235 Central Park Drive East, Carmel
Phone: +1 317-848-7275

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Jan 26, 2018

Elysa Hicks-Shelton

Carmel clay parks and recreation sheriff K. Neal Hoard is an arrogant rude man with a attitude problem who should not be allowed to work with the general public. Well we were singled out today at Carmel Clay Parks and Recreations because my husband has a professional camera he was taking pictures of the family with insted of a phone but because its a real camera insted of the phone camera he was singled out because he was making the staff uncomfortablethey say so when I point out thier sign says tag us in your photo the manager says its ok you can have photos but the sheriff approached us already so we where waiting for them to tell the sheriff that we could have it so we wouldn't have a problem with us but instead we were hit with the staff stuff again and i said maybe they shouldn't work in a public space that the general public take thier family to have family time which usually involves photos. No body wants to take a picture of them people . So with that being said we are on our way home and we have to contact their management two receive our refund for the Cabana that we did not get the full use of.Carmel Clay Parks and Recreations are full of BS. A camera is a camera and if they dont want photos change your sign from tag us to no photography in the water park. Not just approach people with messed up made up rules. I read all the rules and there is nothing about cameras ANY WHERE.....

Jun 25, 2018

Alicia Hrvll

Nice place fun hangout.

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